An outstanding performance from Impact from design through to completion, they worked through this challenging project and felt like part of the Overbury team rather than a sub-contractor.

Tony Donaghy Technical Service Manager – Overbury Birmingham – BT Birmingham

A brilliant job for Impact, we could not have asked for a better electrical contractor, a real pleasure to work with.

Steve Allman Senior Project Manager Overbury Birmingham – BT Birmingham

From me its straight 10s. The guys have been a pleasure to deal with, never gave up and kept going until the very end.

Richard Dale Project Manager Overbury Birmingham – BT Birmingham

“What a breath of fresh air!  It’s rare to meet an electrical sub-contractor that cares about what the designer thinks. It was such a pleasure to work with Impact Building Services, they made every effort to overcome site complications and ensured the design intent to all areas were never compromised.  The team on site was always resourceful, friendly and courteous”.

Winnie Wong – Cushman & Wakefield

“Massive effort made on a very difficult project and programme. Superb scores in a very challenging environment”.

Overbury Project Team – National Grid Warwick