Impact Building Services Limited strives to improve its sustainable performance and that of its customers and supply chain through its procurement procedures. This is in line with our commitment to sustainability including people, planet and profits.

This statement is aligned with the requirements of BS8903, where Impact Building Services Limited will strive to make continual improvement to achieve the following targets:

  • The use of responsibly and ethically sourced materials
  • The re-use of materials and use of materials with a recycled content
  • Waste minimisation and recycling
  • The avoidance of toxic or hazardous materials
  • The use of durable materials
  • Labour sourcing
  • Increasing accessibility to a diverse range of suppliers
  • Supporting local economies through employment and skills programs
  • Energy supplies and carbon
  • ICT hardware
  • Vehicles, fuel and logistics
  • Communication and training

Impact Building Services Limited will deliver these targets through the following procedures:

Materials Procurement

All materials, whether for permanent or for temporary use purchased by Impact Building Services through its suppliers will support the requirements of sustainability schemes.

Purchase of materials will also be against certified schemes relating to our remit including Ethical Trading or other applicable standards.

Client specified materials or equipment will be purchased in line with our minimum standards and client specifications.

Supply Chain Selection and Management

Procurement which includes material selection, labour sourcing, sources of supply (wholesalers) and site set up arrangements etc. will subscribe to the requirements of this statement.

Validation of supplier’s commitment to sustainability will be sought via prequalification processes. A documented EMS, where appropriate to BS8555, ISO 14001 or EMAS is expected of our suppliers.